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LEARN THE #1 SECRET of How To Control Growth So It Does Not Control You!

Step By Step Guidance through the Strategic Planning Process. 

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Fast-Track: Build To Win will show you how to overcome:

  • Ups and Downs of Revenue and Profit over time
  • Allowing the Market to determine your growth trajectory
  • Losing Key Staff to Recruiters and competition
  • Communication struggles between office and field and your offices to the Marketplace
  • Poor Marketing and Business Development results and practices
  • Stagnant or no growth in number of employees or their career/morale development
  • A culture that is unclear, unformed, or not well-defined as a strong suit
  • Not being the preeminent firm in your category of services
  • “Flying By The Seat of Your Pants” approach to business
  • Cash-flow issues due to poor project close-out, sub performance, and contract approach

This course is designed to show you how the Best of Class Construction firms change and grow over time to be enviable and well-positioned. It is not accidental.

Top Construction firms ALL perform regular Strategic Planning to ensure the following benefits:

  • Clear and fresh Vision/Mission that employees can get behind
  • Focus on and acquisition of Ideal Clients – regular inflow of new business
  • Wins in the Project Types/Delivery Methods that matter most  
  • Retainage of key leaders
  • Unity and Ownership felt at every level of the firm
  • Controlled Growth Over Time
  • Well-Managed Operations that bring profits and perks to the staff
  • Enjoyment working in a culture that cares and helps develop the individuals and teams0
  • The sense of Accomplishment helping to Implement the needed changes to grow the firm
  • True Company Leaders (Champions) emerge from the ongoing Strategic Planning efforts


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LEARN THE #1 SECRET of How To Control Growth So It Does Not Control You!

Step by Step Guidance through the Strategic Planning process so that you actually profit and energize your Management Team into Action!

Get Started!


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My name is Larry Silver. I am a Construction Consultant who works with businesses to help implement sound strategic planning that can help grow and propel a business to achieve both their short-term and long-term goals

Larry Silver

Your firm can be a Best of Class Contractor!

Your firm can be a Best of Class Contractor! 
Be willing to invest the time and money, along with your key staff, to listen and learn from Larry’s clear video instruction. He will guide you through the actual Strategic Planning process that he uses to help Construction firms double over five years or even grow ten times over by employing this simple FIVE STEP process.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme!

Strategic Planning is the #1 Business Management tool that corporations worldwide use to change the status quo of their business. From Proctor & Gamble to GE to fast-growing businesses in every sector of our economy. What is it about Strategic Planning makes such a difference?
Invest in this course and discover the power and simplicity of the world’s secret weapon of a growing business – Strategic Planning. 

ANY Guarantee for This Course?   
This course does not come with any specific guarantee except that if you perform all the worksheet pages Larry has outlined as a Management Team, he will discuss (one-hour phone or video call) each step of the process on a weekly or periodic basis to ensure your firm’s success moving forward. Each company in Construction has a different make-up and purpose for its existence. Larry will give you the edge you need to take your business to the next level over time. 


See What some of our customers have to say.

“Larry demonstrates the professional skills it takes to help his clients move their businesses forward. From business evaluation to marketing, messaging and strategic planning Larry has been and continues to be a valuable resource for our company. His knowledge of our industry and what works in the market have been critical to our growth. We have benefited enormously from his expertise and will continue to chart a course that would be unlikely without his participation. I would not only recommend Larry as a valuable resource but consider him a trusted partner and friend.”

Wes Reeder, President of Reeder General Contractors.

“Larry is a serious student of the construction industry and a consultant who makes real recommendations rather than offering 'slogans as solution'. Very effective

Dr. Anthony Costonis, President of Corporate Development Services

“Larry Silver has been a consultant with our firm for several months now and has helped me to cast a larger vision of who we are, and what we can be in the next few years. His experience and counsel has enabled my team to stretched for new goals and helped us to realize practical ways we can market our company more efficiently and target new customers. I have a high level of confidence, in him and his plans for strategic planning.”

David Snodgrass, Owner of Snodgrass & Sons Construction Co, INC.



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Your firm can be a Best of Class Contractor!


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