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Let's Build to Win!



Fast Track: Build To Win

Step By Step Guidance through the Strategic Planning Process.
Larry Silver

What Will You Get:

  • Your firm can be a Best of Class Contractor!

    Be willing to invest the time and money, along with your key staff, to listen and learn from Larry’s clear video instruction. He will guide you through the actual Strategic Planning process that he uses to help Construction firms double over five years or even grow ten times over by employing this simple FIVE STEP process.

  • What Will Your Business Become?  

    Professional- with an enviable culture where young people want to work because they believe in your values and mission as an organization. It's up to you to clarify and shape the firm's culture through properly defining, monitoring, and adjusting your firm's approach to business in your Marketplace. 

  • What Will The New Trajectory Be? 

    Growth-oriented. No business is static. You are either growing or you are going backwards and shrinking. We'll show you how to grow consistently through the Planning process so that it is a way of life for your company. Your leaders will develop along with your organization as opportunities abound and are capitalized on. 

  • What Is Your Business' Future? 

    Successful and Ongoing. Every viable venture works through its growing pains to represent something beyond just the legal enterprise of conducting business. Develop a compelling Vision that has long-term implications of reaching your big-hairy audacious goal. Like a fingerprint, no two companies set sail with the same final destination in mind.